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of state jrk yrk -- secretary of state john kerry brought to a meeting with top diplomats. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> world war ii veteran is the newest internet sen sakes that's -- sensation that's gotten more than a million views online. booooorrk - it's beef and pork! get bacon in your burger. jack's new bacon insider has a juicy beef patty with bacon mixed right into it, plus bacon strips and bacon mayo on a new gourmet brioche bun. get bacon in your burger. moooiiink. >>> new details on a murder suicide at a san francisco nursing home. police say a 60-year-old woman shot and killed her 93-year-old mother at the central gardens nursing home monday night. she then killed herself. their names have not been released. police have not released information about a motive. >>> day three of the oscar pistorius murder trial is wrapping up in south afterfry cau. another -- africa. another neighbor was on the stand. he testified to hearing screams and gunshots. yesterday, his wife testified to hearing the same thing. defense attorneys say the couple discussed what they were going to say in
-income families to make room for tech employees. >>> secretary of state john kerry is meeting with ukrainian leaders today to talk about a $1 billion aid package from the u.s. meanwhile, pro russian troops are standing guard over creme crimea -- over crimea. >> reporter: president obama wants russia to pull back its milt forces in and around ukraine. he also said it's time for the ukrainian people to decide their own future. >> which is why the world should be focused on helping them stabilize the situation economically and move forwards the fair and free elections that are currently scheduled to take place in may. >> it's proposed u.s. aid package includes assistance to help ukraine carry out the elections. meanwhile, john kerry met with ukraine's interim leaders today. the new government is grappling with a pro-russian troop takeover of crimea. this video is from earlier today. it shows pro russian troops firing a warning shot outside of a ukrainian air base. vladimir putin said if people in the eastern part of ukraine are threatened, he will use military force and he said he will not be d
to stop their approach. this morning, secretary of state, john kerry, visited the memorial set up in kiev where 80 protesters were killed. secretary kerry is in ukraine showing political support for the new ukrainian government. also this morning, the white house announced the u.s. will provide $1 billion in energy aid as part of an economic package. that's after russia said it would cancel a price discount for natural gas suppliers to ukraine. >>> president obama unveils his 2015 federal budget this morning. this is new video of the president's budget plan being delivered to congress this morning. it includes several tax proposals meant to help low and middle-income families. the white house says the president's budget plan reflects his desire to try to reduce income disparity. by law, the president is required to release a budget plan but for the most part congress usually ignores it and comes up with its own budget. >>> 7:17. back here at home, the oakland police department is hiring and the department is hoping to fill its ranks with some home- grown talent. right now, the oakland pol
john kerry announced he will go to kiev on tuesday to meet with the ukrainian government. earlier, kerry condemned russia's invasion. >> russia chose this brazen act of aggression and moved in with its forces on a completely trumped upset of pretext, claiming that people were threatened and the fact is that that's not the act of somebody who is strong. >> in moscow a protest supported the invasion, the prime minister tweeted that russia is interested in maintaining stable and friendly relations with ukraine, but reserves the right to protect their citizens and military personnel stationed in cremia. >> >> fire guts a bay area home. at 5:30, why they say the cause may be different this timend around. >> >> governor brown clarifying his stance on pot. why he said legalizing the drug may not be the best thing after all. >> >> we'll show you the conditions that made for a perfect time to hit the slopes. [ sports announcer ] here's another one, alyson dudek. hales corners, wisconsin. nice pass by alyson dudek. can she hang on to that spot? and she does! [ male announcer ] with the u-ve
. the u.s. is emphasizing diploma cy and sanctions. this afternoon, john kerry announced he will go to kiev. >> i believe russia will set its stage to try to present a different face on. in moscow a group of prokers prokers -- protesters showed support. president obama today spoke with his counter parts in great britain, poland and germany. the white house said all four leaders expressed grave concern about the invasion. and tonight the group of seven nations suspended its participation in the upcoming economic summit in sochi. >>> coming up at 10:30, heartfelt protests and prayers. what people here with roots in ukraine have to say about the crisis there. >>> new at 10:00 tonight, thieves hit a san francisco based animal rescue organization this weekend taking off with a vehicle filled with donated items. that vehicle belonged to the lu gurru rescue group. it disappears on 22nd avenue in the richmond district between gary boulevard and anzas street. managers say that van was packed. >> leashes, colors, dog beds, bowls all kinds of things. just a ton of stuff that had been donated o
is not in the interest of ukraine, russia or europe. >> reporter: secretary of state john kerry raised the issue with his russian counter spot earlier friday. >> the question is whether or not what is happening now might be crossings a line in any way. >> reporter: mean while in russia, the ousted ukrainian president emerged for the first time since last week. he held a press conference in russian and blames the west for the unrest in ukraine. >> i think that russia has to and must act. knowing the character of mr. putin i'm surprised to the fact that he's so reserved at keeping silent. >> reporter: at the closed door meeting the russian ambassador said any russian movement that crimea are keeping with arrangements with ukraine. >>> a cheese recall because of fears of listeria has been expand. ment some products were linked to a death in california and illnesses in new port. now the recall is expanded to include cremapura mexicana sour cream. the products were distributed in several states. >>> and this next story is one made of nightmares. a man was declared dead. williams was then placed in a body bag
nobody believes in america's strength anymore. >> reporter: secretary of state john kerry traveled to ukraine tuesday meet with members of the government and to show support for the ukrainian people. fox news. >>> the markets had their worst day in a month. the dow is down 153 to 16,168. the nasdaq is down 30 at 4,277. the s&p is down 13 to 1,845. the crisis in ukraine is also effecting oil prices. even without a shot fired crude oil prices are rising. >> now the markets are already reacting and we are seeing oil prices go up, that translates to 5 cents a gallon at the pumps. >> magnesium pressure on pump prices, any war would be host tool your 400 -- hostile to your 401(k). . >>> he says he spotted a prowler in his backyard. >> i wasn't scared. >> how that led to a mile long chase on foot and the way it all ended. >> a woman hit and killed in the crosswalk. the reason neighbors say this intersection is so unsafe they avoid it. >> the 49ers sadeium will be ready for the super bowl -- stadium will be ready for the super bowl, but how about restaurants? we will tell you what official
and dry weather where you live. >>> secretary of state john kerry boarded an air force jet and headed to ukraine. he is expected to meet with the new leadership of kiev testimony. trying to rally international allies to bring pressure on russia to stand back from an intense standoff. ukraine's envoy to the u.n. says russia has flooded crimea with 16,000 troops in the past week. russia says it's protecting the russian people in ukraine, and its own military bases there. the president obama said russia must respect ukraine sovereignty, and said russia is on the wrong side of history. >> over time, this will be costly proposition for russia. and now is the time for them to consider whether they can serve their interests in a way that resorts to diplomacy, as opposed to force. >> the president said he is considering a number of diplomatic steps to isolate russia. on wall street, the dow fell in response to the tension in ukraine. >>> the trial of south african paralympic athlete oscar pistorius began. he shot and killed his girlfriend last year at his home. he said it was an accident, and
. >> secretary of state john kerry was in kiev today. he laid flowers at a memorial for those killed in last month's protest. he announced the u.s. would provide a $1 billion aid package for ukraine. >>> wall street staged a rally. the dow gained 227 points. nasdaq jumped 74. >>> tonight, the benicia city council was discussing a plan to spend nearly $1 billion to buy water from an outside source. republic roth talked to some residents in benicia. >> reporter: to save water, colleen castillo mixes super hot water from the kitchen with cold water from the bathroom to wash her face. that way, she doesn't have to waste water to warm up. >> we have a big family. we don't want to waste all the water. we do limit their water. >> reporter: even so, her water bill could go up because of the drought. they called a special immediating to discuss spending almost $1 million more for water. the state is shutting off deliveries, leaving them to buy water from a more expensive source. >> this recommendation is being made so the city would be able to bank water to use either this year, or in the next severa
. thank you, sir. for the record, we invited secretary of state kerry to join us today. butt although he put him out on all the broadcast sunday shows, they declined to make him available us to or you. lois learner refused to testify. now house oversight committee chair david isa wants to question her again based on new information he uncovered. we'll have an exclusive interview. if ...hey breathing's hard... know the feeling? copd includes emphysema and chronic bronchitis. spiriva is a once-daily inhaled copd maintenance treatment that helps open my obstructed airways for a full 24 hours. spiriva helps me breathe easier. spiriva handihaler tiotropium bromide inhalation powder does not replace fast-acting inhalers for sudden symptoms. tell your doctor if you have kidney problems, glaucoma, trouble urinating, or an enlarged prostate. these may worsen with spiriva. discuss all medicines you take, even eye drops. stop taking spiriva and seek immediate medical help if your breathing suddenly worsens, your throat or tongue swells, you get hives, vision changes or eye pain, or problems passing
integrity and sovereignty of ukraine. we condemned their intervention in krimea. >> john kerry spent the day in ukraine visiting a memorial to people killed during the violent protests there and met with the country's active leadership. the united states and 14 other nations formed a military observer mission to monitor the tense region. california lawmaker weighed in saying that the u.s. needs to avoid conflict. >> russia is critical to other conflicts that we're trying to resolve, including syria and iran. so we have to be very careful in how we approach this. >> stocks rebounded on the news that russian troops had returned to their base rather than remaining near the border of ukraine. the dow sup more than 200 points. the nasdaq up almost 75 points. >>> tracking more wet weather headed our way. the timing on the next system and when your area should see the bulk of the rain. >> bay area school where half of the kindergarten class is not vaccinated. the new interactive tool parents can use to learn of the outbreak risk at their child's school. >>> a man found burned to death. what we're l
the nets. he through up triple and double in three quarters. 11 assists on the night. kerry finds andrew for the easy jam. andre with the steal leads the break and finds kerry behind the yard, 27 points for the warriors guard. he had 11 rebounds as well. they're beating the nick and they're on the road in toronto tomorrow. the nba will donate it to the groups. he plays for the brook land nets. he's the first openly gay player. he's the top seller on the nba's online store. it will go to the shepherd foundation. he was the wyoming college student killed in a gay hate crime. he wears 98 and he presented a jersey to shepherd's parents. >>> happening today a the ceremony marks a year-long renovation. it will have new bathrooms and new bike racks. certain areas of the park will be closed during renovations and the park will reopen next spring. >>> the yellowstone national park will be celebrating its 142nd birthday. it was established in 1872 and it's one of the last intact natural ecosystems with grizzly bears wolves and bison. they started an international park system in the us and around t
of state john kerry flies to ukraine. he will meet with the new ukrainian government leaders about the russian takeover of the crimean peninsula. thousands of russian troops have surrounded military bases. they are demanding that ukrainian soldiers give up their weapons. in response to russia's actions, the u.s. and six other nations are canceling plans to go to the g-8 summit in russia in june. in a joint statement, the countries say russia's advances in ukraine violate the principles and values on which the g-8 operates. >>> oil refineries could feel the impact of the growing tension between russia and ukraine. the price of crude oil is already up a dollar a barrel. oil analysts are worried and economic embargo could be placed against russia. that would cut the supply and the impact would be felt around the world. russia is the second largest producer of energy. >>> around the country, including in san francisco, ukrainian americans have taken to the streets to protest russia's actions. >>> ukrainians and supporters staged a protest outside of the russian consulate in the pacific
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13